Registration Renewals on Site    

You can renew your Massachusetts registration on-line. To process this transaction, you will need your RMV-2 renewal card, which should be marked Ins Stamp Not Needed. Your vehicle must be insured to renew your registration. 
Please read the RMV’s instructions on the Registration Renewal web pagecarefully before renewing your registration.

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Branch Information and Wait Times

Vehicle Registration plates

Applying for a Vehicle Registration
The above link is to a web page which explains the RMV’s procedures and required documents to register a newly acquired vehicle. This also includes procedures for re-registering a previously registered vehicle, amending your registration, or converting an out-of state registration.

Other Registration

Cancel Registration (Plates)
Online transaction to cancel your registration plates. However, please note that this transaction can only be processed online if you physically have at least one plate in your possession.
Registration Inquiry
To view your registration status
Request a Duplicate Registration

Allows you to request a duplicate
registration for most plates. 
The fee for this transaction is $25.

Amending a Registration

You may amend your registration by mail or in person. 
You will need to get a completed Form (RMV-3), with the changes you request from your insurance agent.
Replacing Lost,Stolen or Illegible Plates 
Replacement plates may be ordered from an RMV branch or over the phone (617-351-4500 or 800-858-3926). The fee is $10 per plate. For additional details go to the Replacements Plates page on the RMV's web site.

You need to carefully review the Massachusetts Salvage Title Regulations before you can drive or register a salvage vehicle. 
Use the below link to our Salvage Title Information page to help you get started.  But remember, the Mass. DOT / RMV makes the ultimate determination of the steps you need to follow. For further information, go to the Salvage Title Information Page

Accident Reporting

You should file a report if you’re the operator of a vehicle involved in a crash where the damage to any one vehicle or property is over $1000, or if there is an injury to any person, even if a police officer was on the scene. 
You should file the report within 5 days of the date of the crash. 
go to Accident Report Forms

Lemon Laws

Refer to the following links for Automobile Lemon Laws *

Lemon Laws - General List of Available Links

New and Leased Car Lemon Law

Lemon Aid Law (Used Cars)

The RMV (Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles) Home Page is located at 
or contact the RMV Customer Service if you have any questions.

Driver's License Renewals

Massachusetts Driver Licenses are valid for 5 years and expire on your birthday. Give yourself a present and check your driver's license before your birthday, so you have time to renew it before it expires.

Renew Your Driver's License on line: 
You may be able to renew your Class D or Class M Mass. Driver's License on-line. Go to the the RMV license renewal web site to see if you are eligible to renew on line. That way your renewed license will be mailed to the address the RMV has on file for you. If you need to change your address, do that first.

If you do change your address, wait until you receive confirmation from the Registry that the change was successful before you attempt to renew your driver's license online.

Change your Address
This transaction allows you to request a change in your address. You should receive an email from the RMV within 48 hours confirming your change of address request. 
Only individuals can change an address on-line. Business entity address changes can only be done at a Registry of Motor Vehicle branch office.  Click on this link to change online or you can contact the RMV for details on their address change requirements.

Title Transactions

Title Corrections - Affidavit of Correction
This form may be used in some limited instances when there is a mistake in the assignment of a title. Contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles or your insurance agent for details on allowable the use of this form. 
Duplicate Titles
If the original title has been lost, stolen or mutilated, you may apply for a duplicate.
Corrected Titles
If any information is incorrect on the title, you may submit the corrected information and request a corrected title.

Massachusetts Sales Tax on Vehicles

There is a 6.25% sales tax due on all vehicles that will be registered in the state of Massachusetts. Regardless of the state where the vehicle is purchased, this sales tax must be paid before a vehicle can be legally registered and titled in Massachusetts.

There are certain exemptions to this sales tax.  The links below provide a reference for some of the exemptions that may apply. However read the forms carefully before completing and applying for the exemption. For more complete information contact the Mass. Dept of Revenue

See Motor Vehicle Sales Use Tax Forms - for listing of tax exemption forms, which includes:

Vehicle transferred within family Limited to immediate family ( not cousins, grandparents, etc.)
Gift  No payment or other consideration
Out of State Purchase If sales tax has already been paid to another state  

Transferred by Business Entity
Transferred by Estate
Surviving Spouse
Transferred to Disabled Person